Ansel Adams : 50 Years Of Portraits by Ansel Adams

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Friends of Photography, Carmel, California, 1978. FIRST EDITION. Rare Photo Monograph, Ansel Adams: Includes 26 b/w captioned portrait photo plates by Adams from 1927 to 1977. Portrait subjects include: Edward Weston * Alfred Stieglitz * Dorothea Lange * Charles Sheeler * Brassi * Maynard Dixon * Georgia O’Keeffe * Robinson Jeffers * Charis Weston
* Beaumont Newhall * Nancy Newhall * Blair Stapp Plus Others… In addition to the images, this also includes a lengthy essay by the author about Adams’s life, his photographs, past portfolios of images, his portraits, plus more; also contains the interview transcript with Adams,

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