Sea Of Cortez: A Leisurely Journal Of Travel And Research And The Log From The Sea Of Cortez by John Steinbeck

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Together these two extremely rare Steinbeck editions offer both a scientific work on the marine life in the Sea of Cortez and relaxed evening discussion of the meaning of life with his friend Ed Ricketts..Rare to be found in any condition, neither is often found in the condition of these two fine books. “As we moved up the Gulf, the mirage we had heard about began to distort the land. While it is worse on the Sonora coast, it is sufficiently interesting on the Peninsula to produce a heady, crazy feeling in the observer......One remembers the old stories of invisible kingdoms where princes lived with ladies and dragons for company, and the more modern fairy tales in which heroes drift in and out of dimensions more complex than the original three. We are open enough to miracles of course, but what must have been the feeling of the discovering Spaniards? While we were eating, a boat came alongside and two Indians climbed aborad....Their canoe was typical of the region and was intersting..........

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