My Prison Without Bars by Pete Rose

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Rodale Press, 2004. Excellent condition, original dust jacket. ( number sequence perfect). A crisp, bright dust jacket. Pete Rose holds more major league baseball records than any other player in history. His old-fashioned work ethic turned his great talent into legendary accomplishments. Rose is also a lifelong gambler. For the past 13 years, he has been banned from baseball and barred from his rightful place in the Hall of Fame -- accused of violating MLB's one taboo. Rule 21 states that no one associated with baseball shall ever gamble on the game. The punishment is a permanent barring from baseball and exclusion from the Hall of Fame. Rose has denied betting on the game that he loves. Here, Rose gives a vivid picture of his life in prison, his early life and baseball career. Also confronts his demons, tackling the ugly truths about his gambling and his behavior. Photographs. 322 pages.

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