Uncut Baseball Card Sheet Hand Signed by

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Very scarce complete uncut trading card sheet. Only 100 sheets were ever produced! Players from the 2000 Lake Elsinore Storm Team. Set of 36 cards are uncut and hand signed by 19 players depicted on cards, including : Francisco (K-Rod) Rodriquez; Robb Quinlan; Alfredo Amazega; Doug Bridges; Ben Grezlovski; Mario Mendoza Jr.; Angel Diaz; Jason Hill; Norberto Lopez; Mike Christensen; Ariel Delgado; Bienvenido Encarnacion; Brian Specht; Elpidio Guzman; Marcus Knight; Bill Mott; Rich Stuart; Mario Mendoza (part of the accomplished Mendoza family); and, additional team figures including coaches, etc. Arguably the most scarce K-Rod card, and hand signed even more so! 15 ½ x 21 ¾. The Lake Elsinore Storm are a minor league baseball team in Lake Elsinore, California, USA. They are a

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