Uncle Phil The Other Story & Uncle Phil The Ground Breakers by Phil Spector

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College of American Sound Studies, 1986. Excellent, near mint condition record, sleeve and plain white dust cover. Includes distributor 8 ½ x 10 printed sheet with liner notes. Label on album states “Made for reference only, not to be sold.” Very scarce limited to 200 copies (this is stamped #188.) - ”Wall of Sound – Copy Cat Gems & Obscuire Phil Spector Sessions. A very limited compilation of obscure singles, recorded in the period 1962-5. Side one features tracks produced in the spirit and ‘wall of sound’ style of Phil Spector, but actually done by others . . . some tracks match for Spector’s best works. Obscure pre-Philles session work by Spector is featured on Side Two. Sound quality varies for the individual tracks, due to the pressing quality and condition of the original singles used. This issue is a limited edition of 200 numbered copies.” Finally, here is the opportunity to hear a rarirty reserved for the likes of those on the “inside” Beatles, Sting, and the like. Wonderful resource for professional musicians.

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