Thin May Be In But Fat’s Where It’s At Lp Record Album by Tubby Boots

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SYL-LER Records, 1969. Good condition record album, innser sleeve and record. Very scarce recording of a unqiue comedian – Tubby Boots. Further enhancing the collectibility of this item, signed and inscribed in pen “To Charlie and Lilly, best Wishes, Tubby Boots.” Recorded live in Miami beach. ”Tubby Boots entertained audiences with his bawdy jokes, off the wall humor, dressing in drag, and putting on the most riotous show anyone has ever seen or will ever see again. All of this began decades before it became cool. He was a legend in Miami Beach from the early 1960s through the late 1970s. During one stretch, his burlesque and vaudeville- style act played the Dunes Hotel for 16 years doing two and sometimes three shows a night six nights a week to sell-out crowds!His parents were a vaudeville song-and-dance team known as Boots and Barton. By 1946, when he was 12, he was putting on his own performances. He got his nickname ‘Tubby’ because at age 12 he weighed 250 pounds, topping out later in life at 375. He played on Broadway, but soon turned to comedy. He was playing in clubs in the U.S. and Europe to sell-out crowds before he could legally drink. He moved to south Florida in 1959 and Two years later he became the number one attraction on Miami Beach. His act included such lunacy as dressing as a bag woman or opera singer and performing. He’d also waddled on stage and flaunt his body in a striptease, peeling down to bright nylon boxer shorts, black socks, pasties and tassels. He once said, “In my era I was considered shocking but now I’m mild.” He sprinkled his act with the most outlandish urinal jokes, body part jokes, and ethnic jokes. He boasted at the beginning of each show that he offends everyone and no one is immune. Of course it wasall in fun for when the show would end, he’d work fund raisers for free for the many groups he joked about. In his heyday, he starred on Jack Parr’s show, did Broadway with Phil Silvers, and played clubs in New York, Las Vegas, the Bahamas, the Catskills, many cruise lines, and of course his hometown of Baltimore. Tubby died at the age of 59 in 1993.

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